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Products & Services

1. Maintenance (MV, Transformer, LV, MCC)

1.1. Air Circuit Breakder Upgrades
Hai Nam has extensive experience in ACB’s protection unit upgrades. Many older protection relays are found to be faulty. We can remove those faulty unit & fit modern units of your choice or our recommendation.

1.2. Protection Relay Testing
Provide onsite testing by our Experienced Commissioning Engineers. It is not only secondary injection but also primary injection.

2. Products of Services

2.1. Commissioning Services
Our Experienced Commissioning Engineers can offer routine services during planned maintenance, emergency response following site failures & commissioning of new installations. Just contact us for our availability.

2.2. Power Factor Correction Equipment
We can provide custom-built automatic Power Factor Correction Equipment. Detuning reactors or high dielectric strength capacitors can be accommodated as well as a range of metering options to monitor the effectiveness of your investment. New real-time PFC can now also be provided as stand-alone sections or as a part of a switchboard or package substation. Replacement capacitors for a wide range of units can be provide as well as surveys of your existing equipment.

3. Installation Services

Our installation team & Commissioning Engineers specialize in installation new equipment as well as being highly experienced in the installation of extension panels and equipment modifications.

3.1. Extension Panels
We can provide a wide range of extension panels to a wide variety of manufacture’s equipment. It is not only Distribution Boards but also withdraw able Motor Control Center with any brands.

3.2. Air Circuit Breaker Retrofit
We have a range of our standardized designs to remove obsolete ACBs & replace them with the modern devices. Our methods include the removal of the complete cassette, so you do not rely on old contacts – all weak links are eliminated breathing new life to your switchboard to give year of operational life at a fraction of the cost of replacement switchboard.

4. Emergency Support

We provide 24 hours hotline service. If you have any problem or failures of electrical switchboards, please contact our services. Our vital importance of our business is your satisfaction.

5. Power Quality Analysis

We can provide Power Quality Analysis for your plan. Thanks to the analysis reports you will know the wide range of your electrical parameters. The right decision may be made for a more reliable power system.

1. P.P.C Maintenance

1.1 Preventive Maintenance

  • Remain lifecycle of equipment.
  • Increase durability and stability of systems.
  • Prevent damage unexpected.
  • Minimize shutting down time of electrical system.
  • Optimal efficiency of your of electrical system.
  • Cut cost and increase savings to improving you, return of investment.

1.2 Predictive Maintenance

  • Anticipate future equipment failure.
  • Simulate unexpected circumstance.
  • Power factor correction & Harmonics mitigation solution.
  • Thermal Scan & Relay Testing Services.
  • Protect you from electrical accident.

1.3 Corrective Maintenance

  • Solving clearly your electrical systems faults.
  • Supply spare parts if require replacement.
  • Solutions consultant to prevent damage happened.
2. Technical Support

2.1 Install – Testing & Commissioning

2.2 Extend or modification your Panels with full range demand

  • Medium-Low Voltage Distribution Boards
  • Automation Solutions
  • Motor Control Centers (MCC)
  • Synchronizing Panels

2.3 Training & Supply solutions

  • Maintenance
  • Power Quality Analysis
  • ARC Flash Solution
  • AHF and SVG (Active harmonics filter) – (Static Var Generator)
  • Thermography Testing
  • Etap Calculator
3. Emergency Support
  • Emgergency support
  • 24-hour hotlines
1. Building Management System

Building Management System (BMS) is a control system that can be used to monitor and manage the mechanical and electrical services in a facility. Such services can include power, heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, physical access control, pumping stations, elevators and lights.

2. Power Management System

PMS = Power Management System . PMS is actually SCADA applied to Power Systems.

PMS is the solution that ensures reliable and stable energy supply for energy-intensive industries.

PMS balances energy demands with the available energy supply, thus preventing disturbances or even blackouts in operations.

PMS enables a company to control its energy costs, to enhance safety, and to mitigate environmental and health impacts.

3. Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning 
4. Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)
5. SCADA for Power Distribution System