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Rack Cabinet

Your mission-critical networks are carrying an ever-increasing amount of voice, data and video. Looming on the horizon is a critical mass of VoIP, highspeed access, wireless applications, increasing demand for blade server adoption, and pressure for rapid blade deployment. Data centers and network closets will be required to deliver reliable 24/7 operation of critical network communications and operations throughout the entire enterprise. These challenges require innovation in your data center to fully address these growing needs.

Phoenix Alpha-Series is an innovative enclosure system that integrates your computing hardware, power management technologies and peripherals in your data center. It gives superior design and flexibility, allowing optimal data center performance and easy installation.

Static Load Capacity Up to 1,500KG
Door Perforation Rate 69.9%
Protection Category IP20
Material and Coating Steel framework Power coating for rack surface
Standard Compliance 19′ rack-mount equipment EIA-310-E Environmental Compliance: RoHS
Color Standard RAL9005, Light Texture
Packing Flat packed in carton or bulk packed


  • Excellent Rack Cooling Efficiency.
  • With 69.9% door perforation rate that enhances heat management.
  • Front and rear doors are perforated for cooling efficiency.
  • With additional blanking panel to separate cold and hot spots in the rack.
  • Enhanced Rack Installation Space Efficiency.
  • Combined integrated steel frame design.
  • With rack static load capacity of up to 1,500KG.
  • Enhanced Rack System Applicability in Data Center.
  • Accessories available for cabling and airflow management.
  • Customized features for specific requirements in Data Center.
  • Increased Convenience in Installation and Maintenance.
  • Modular rack design for easy assembly and disassembly.
  • Tool-less design of accessories for flexible and quick installation.
  • Enables Rack Adaptability and Expansibility.
  • Integral part of the total data center solution of any brands.
  • Highly adaptable and flexible to integrate power, cooling and monitoring equipment.