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Embedded Enclosure

A reliable power safe and stylish

Multi-function to suit your specific application

  • The enclosure has many features designed exclusively by our experts.
  • Besides MCBs for Lighting and Sockets, Contractors can be installed for motor control.
  • Phase indicating lights.

Easy to connect

  • There is a wide space between incoming cable and terminals. making it easy to install or connect cables.
  • Knockout cable holes create openings for cables to enter simply and conveniently.

Easy to install

  • Adjust depth, allowing easy-fit to the wall surface.
  • First mount the EMBED enclosure to the wall, then install the components to a separate plate, which can be plugged into the enclosure during or after construction.
  • Quickly install or remove the cover from the base without screws.

Harmonious appearance

Thoughtful and attractive design enables our enclosures to fit in with their surroundings.

Flush mounting enclosures with earth + neutral terminal block
Surface mounting enclosures with earth + neutral terminal
Standard IEC 60439-3

IEC 60529 (IP)

EN 62262 (IK)

The range consists of enclosures

  • 1 row for 18 modules
  • 2 row for 36 modules
  • 2 row for 24 modules

ref: HNE011860

ref: HNE021860

ref: HNE031860

SPCC Steel, Galvanize Steel
Color Ral 9016, 7.5B6/ 1.5 and 5Y7/1

* Other colors can be manufactured to meet special requirements.