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Spectrum Power – A member of Hai Nam Group produces three types of Cable Supports: Cable Tray, Cable Ladder, Cable Trunking. All of these are available with a full range of fittings and accessories.

Cable Trunkings

Straight sections of solid bottom cable trunking contructed from single sheet of metal, providing excellent protection from external damage. They are used primarily for instrumantal control, communication and other non-heat producing cables.

Cable Trays

Contructed from single sheet of perforated metal. They are convenient for cables which require both a degree of protection from external damage and some ventilation

Cable Ladders

Straight sections of ladder type cable trays consist of two longitudinal side rails, connected by individual transverse members, or rungs, Using materials such as steel sheet, stainless steel sheet, aluminium sheet. This type of cable tray provides maximum ventilation to heat producing cable such as power cables.